There are many options of great repertoire to choose from. Here are some of the things I find myself recommending and assigning over and over!The links are for your convenience and go to SheetMusicPlus.com. I find Sheet Music Plus to be more reliable to have the correct item in stock of the online stores and the prices are very comparable.

The links can also be used to help you recognize the correct product but I encourage you to consider ordering from and supporting our local music stores:
KE Music at Wausau Music Center - 200 E Wausau Ave, Wausau, WI
Jerry's Music - 702 N 3rd Ave, Wausau, WI

 Most of my beginning piano students begin with these four books.

Faber Piano Adventures - Primer - Lesson
Faber Piano Adventures - Primer - Theory
Faber Piano Adventures - Primer - Technique & Artistry
Faber Piano Adventures - Primer - Performance
For quick-achieving beginners I also use
Faber Piano Adventures - Primer - Performance Gold Star
After Finishing the Books Above
Faber Piano Adventures - Level One - Lesson
FJH Music Company Festival Collection - Preparatory - Early Elem through Mid-Elem

From that point, we will typically either continue with a lesson book from Faber, performance book from FJH Festival Series and theory from Royal Conservatory OR another variation such as using repertoire from Royal Conservatory
 The FJH Music Company Festival books are tremendous resources and provide an mp3 recording of each piece performed expertly for example
 The Royal Conservatory resources also provide a very solid foundation for musical growth.
My goal with every student is to quickly get them into great piano repertoire for performance and enjoyment.
You may find the following links helpful:
FJH Music Company Festival Books
Royal Conservatory of Music Celebrate Theory Books
Royal Conservatory of Music Repertoire Books


Recordings available on
Amazon, iTunes, and many others

Or contact for CD availability